Organic Urad Dal Whole (Black Gram)


Urad dal contains proteins, vitamins, and essential nutrients like iron, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Due to their health benefits, black lentils (urad dal) are also described in Ayurveda.

People who do not eat meat or fish must take pusht organic urad dal whole (साबूत उड़द की दाल) in their diet to fulfill the nutritional requirement of the body.

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In the southern part of Asia, organic urad dal whole or sabut urad dal is one of the most cultivated and consumed lentils. In India, it is a widely consumable staple food. It is used to make dal flour, soaked dal, and boiled dal.

Buy 100% naturally cultivated Pusht organic urad dal whole (साबूत उड़द की दाल) online. It is free from toxic chemicals, fertilizers, and GMOs(Genetically Modified Organisms).

Also certified by government bodies like the Participatory Guarantee System of India (PGS-India Organic).

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