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  • Healthy Moth beans can be sprouted after an overnight soak to use in delectable recipes. The sprouted beans have a sweet flavor, making for a delectable diet.
  • Rich in calcium, protein, and phosphorus but free of salt and cholesterol. Beans offer a large amount of protein and other nutrients.
  • For people who are attempting to lose weight, split moth beans are helpful. It increases muscular mass, which leads to calorie burning.
  • Our pulses come from single-origin farms that cultivate their crops without the use of pesticides or insecticides, and they are carefully selected from single-origin crops.
  • It is always suggested to sprout it before cooking it as a salad to create a crunchy snack that will leave you feeling light-headed.
  • Pusht Organic provides a selection of organic foods that are both safe for us and the environment, employing products without artificial flavors and preservatives.
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Moth dal is small, elongated, brown beans with a brownish-yellow inside that are oblong in shape. They have a nutty flavor and a pungent earthy odor. Common names for moth dal include Turkish Bean, Matki Bean, Moth Bean, and Matki. When boiled, they also make great vegetables. You may sprout moth beans and add them to a variety of veggie meals

Rajasthan, India is home to a large number of organic moth dal since this legume is the most drought-tolerant. It is also one of the most popular pulses in South India. These beans are used in many delicious Indian dishes

The main source of protein and calories is the moth whole. It is sprouted before cooking as a salad. It is a common ingredient in curries, salads, and fried snacks. Whole Moth Dal is most frequently sprouted, which increases its antioxidant capabilities and raises the level of B vitamins.

Healthy dietary choices are the focus of Pusht Organic. Moong beans have a close relationship with matki beans. These legumes, however, have a little deeper or brownish appearance.

Our goal is to excel through superiority in quality, reliability, and ongoing innovation. Everyone receives high-quality food from us, and our reasonably priced organic groceries guarantee their health and well-being.

Organic Small, elongated moth whole beans have a nutty flavor and a powerful earthy odor. They have brown exteriors and a brownish-yellow inside. Usage the greatest benefit of this bean is its extreme versatility as a superfood.

They are fried and eaten as a snack where they are indigenous. When boiled, they also make great vegetables. You can sprout moth beans and add them to many kinds of vegetable meals. You can even grind them into flour.

Health Benefits Of Organic Moth Beans On Diet

  • The high fiber content of its assists in removing extra fat from the intestines and reduces the chance of developing heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.
  • High protein levels found in moth beans aid in metabolism. Consuming it keeps you satisfied for a considerable amount of time.
  • Matki’s high zinc content protects against pathogenic germs and viruses.
  • It includes calcium and phosphorus in our diet, which strengthen bones.
  • The body is protected from the overall deterioration of body tissues when moth beans are consumed.

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