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  • Organic sugar cane is used to make Pusht Organic Jaggery Powder.?
  • The pure nature of authentic Gur is preserved by not adding any chemical ingredient to the jaggery.?
  • Compared to refined sugar, jaggery powder for tea is a better choice.
  • Comparing shakkar to refined sugar, it has a significantly lower glycemic index.
  • Since the molasses component of jaggery is preserved, it is mineral-rich.
  • Pusht offers you a wholesome selection of jaggery online that is supplied from Indian-certified organic farms and farmed with the best agricultural techniques.
  • This superfood sweetener has minerals and phytochemicals that are beneficial to your body.
  • This keto sweetener, which is perfect for weight watchers, is an excellent source of energy and helps to strengthen the immune system.
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Jaggery (Gur), a natural sweetener produced by concentrated sugarcane juice, is referred to by many regional names all around the world. Pusht organic jaggery powder is manufactured from organic sugar cane juice that has been evaporated; it is chemical-free and contains calcium lime, which is allowed by organic standards. Organic jaggery powder is created from jaggery, which is free of additives such as chemicals and preservatives.

The highest quality shakkar, produced from organically certified sugar cane and free of chemical additives, is offered to you by Pusht. This golden-brown treat is a delightful, nutrient-dense substitute for processed sugar and artificial sweeteners. It improves the flavor of tea, coffee, and other liquids and naturally includes iron, vitamins, and minerals.

Why Pusht Organic Jaggery Powder

When making jaggery or “Gud,” a conventional, chemical-free process is used. In sizable open iron pans, it is manually made. This jaggery powder was created using sugarcane that was cultivated on the farm, which is certified organic and was simply processed without the use of chemicals.

Pusht is a brand that focuses on nutrition and is 100% organic, helping to give its customers the highest-quality Certified Organic Superfoods. We collaborate with farming communities throughout the world to develop 100% organic crops and deliver food that is delicious, nourishing, and free of harmful toxins to your plate to eliminate conventional sugar.

Hand-Picked Recipes For Pusht Jaggery

  • A delectable sweet roti variant that is simple to make using whole wheat flour and jaggery.
  • White sesame seeds, jaggery, peanuts, and desiccated coconut are used to make a nutritious, delectable, and nutty laddu.
  • Rice, banana, a few spices, jaggery, and coconut are used to make sweet fritters.
  • Jaggery and roasted peanuts are the only two ingredients in this simple yet delicious recipe for ladoos.
  • a tasty rice dish prepared with rice, jaggery, and spices.

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